Today is April 19, 2014

Today is April 19, 2014

Published: June 5, 2013

Despite rise of online stores, shopping habits of Filipinos remain traditional says Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand 2013 Survey

- Only 7% of Filipino shoppers trust online comments regarding brands or products

- Less than 10% of Filipino respondents actively shared their brand experiences online

- Only 13% of Asian respondents have significantly changed shopping habits due to online options

- Travel Services top the categories of products Filipinos buy online

- A total of 91 brands in the Philippines won the Readers Digest Trusted Brand 2013 Awards

Filipinos might be among the most active netizens on social media, but when it comes to shopping it seems tradition remains a hard habit to break.

According to the latest Readers Digest Trusted Brand Survey 2013 (RDTB Survey), only 17% of the Filipino respondents have significantly changed their shopping habits despite the rising number of online stores in the last two years.

The RDTB survey, carried out for the 15th consecutive year, reached out to 7,000 respondents across seven markets across Asia including India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Among the Asian countries, Filipinos are the most likely to share both their positive (8%) and negative (7%) brand experiences on social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, forums). 

In comparison, only 5% of all the Asian respondents will often share their brand experiences online – only 4% of respondents will share positive experiences and only 3% will expose negative ones.

Surprisingly, however, despite the Filipinos keen participation in online discussions, the survey revealed that only 7% of respondents are very likely to trust comments regarding brands or products that they observe on social media platforms.

Although online shopping has not had much influence on shoppers’ habits in the Philippines, the impact of online shopping on Asian shoppers is even less. According to the RDTB survey, only 13% of Asian respondents have seen significant changes in their shopping habits owing to online options.

Products and Services with Online Shopping Appeal

Among Filipino respondents, Travel Services accounted for 33% of the total purchases online followed by consumer electronics at 20% and vouchers and online coupons at 17%. Clothing and other apparels and books and media online both account for 15%.
The RDTB survey covered 42 product and services categories. 68% of all respondents in the survey agreed that the results of this survey will help them in their purchasing decisions.

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